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For pregnancy help, please call our toll-free Hotline at 800-723-8331 or click here for assistance.

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Admission criteria


   In order to be admitted to Mary's Shelter Gulf Coast, you must be:

   - pregnant

   - 19 years of age or older

   - in need of a place to live.


   If you are younger than 19, you may be admitted if you are eligible to be legally emancipated by the State of Alabama.


   Additionally, you must be drug-free, and not currently suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction. If you have a past of addiction, we may require that you undergo treatment in a recognized program before we consider admission.


   If you already have children, it may be possible for you to bring one child age 2 or under. You must also be willing to:

  • Live under established rules (click here for 'Rules')
  • Work with our staff to establish goals for self-improvement and be committed to working on these goals.




   Call us at 251-986-6200, or toll free at 866-823-4674. An initial telephone assessment will be conducted to determine eligibility. If you are found to not be eligible for our program, we will try to refer you elsewhere for assistance.


   If we determine you are eligible for admission, and if room is available at the shelter, you will be asked to complete an application, submit documentation from your doctor and undergo a face-to-face interview. You can download and print for your doctor to fill out. (Click here for the Medical Form




   The Mary's Shelter home, constructed in 2005, is located in a peaceful, rural setting near Elberta, Alabama, within ten miles of Pensacola, Florida. We currently accept up to eight women residents (and children, if eligible).


   Each bedroom suite is attractively furnished and decorated, and includes a private bathroom and walk-in closet. The communal kitchen, dining area, living room and children's play area are used by all the residents. There is also a resource room with computers and internet access, as well as a telephone for use by the residents.


   The home features inviting, shaded porches overlooking a fenced play-yard. Please note that no smoking is allowed inside the shelter. Another room in the home is dedicated to our Empower Me store. Through the Empower Me program, mothers earn token dollars for participating in required training and classes; they use these 'dollars' to shop in the store for self-care items, household goods, clothing for themselves and their babies, etc.


   One room is used by our live-in housemother. The front of the building houses administrative offices. Everything in the home is planned with the goal of providing a comfortable, calm, and safe residence for our mothers and babies.

Recent comment from one of our moms: Being here has given me the opportunity to learn, mature and grow for me and my child.