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Needs List


Mary's Shelter always needs:


Air freshener spray

All-purpose cleaner

Aluminum foil

Non-perishable food
Maternity clothes, women's bath robes and sleepwear
Baby monitors

Baby supplies - diapers, Q-tips, cotton balls, baby soap and wipes, baby bottles, nipples, bottle liners, pacifiers

Baby clothes hangers

Baby shower and birthday decorations

Bath towels and washcloths

Bed pillows (new), nursing pillows

Bedroom slippers (all sizes)

Breast pump

Disposable razors
Clock radios

Bicycles (Ladies')
Cleaning supplies of all kinds

Liquid hand soap

Dreft laundry detergent (safe for infants), dryer sheets, dishwasher soap

Paper towels, septic-safe toilet tissue, trash bags, large ziplocks

Batteries - sizes AA, AAA and C

40-watt light bulbs

Newborn and children's car seats

High chairs

Cribs and crib sheets

Hair dryers

Cell phones with prepaid minutes, phone cards

Thank you, Get Well, Birthday and Sympathy cards, stationery, envelopes, stamps

Copier machine paper

Educational toys for toddlers

Single-use cameras

When our mothers prepare to leave the home, they need:

Furniture and furnishings

Household supplies

Dishes, pots and pans, silverware, baking pans

Bath and bedroom linens

Children's bedroom furniture

Donations of used automobiles in good condition are always appreciated.  If you are planning on donating any of these items, please call the home at 251-986-6200.