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For the Love of Life!


Become a Guardian Angel!


   As a caring home for women who choose life for their unborn child, Mary's Shelter has all the bills of a typical household with children. In addition to these household bills, we also have the expenses of a business that operate 24/7! At the present time, our average monthly expenses total about $29,000.


     A caring group of people, our Guardian Angels, help us meet those financial obligations in a special way. They are people who have pledged to provide a reliable, ongoing source of revenue by donating on a regular basis, monthly or otherwise, in whatever amount they can afford.


   Through their contribution, the Angels provide Mary's Shelter with a cash flow that helps us meet those end-of-the-month bills. However, we still need the commitment of many more Angels. 


   You can become one of these caring people by doing something as simple as giving up one 'burger' lunch a month to help save the life of a child, and forever change the life of a mother. Even this small but dependable monthly support would help immensely in covering our costs and would be very much appreciated.

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